Are we really serious about the anger and separation with people we don't even know ?

I find it extremely uncomfortable to see and hear how there is now some kind of We and They mindset among huge numbers of American citizens. If you take a side politically and it’s not what I agree with, I am not going to join the cause of something I disagree with just to go along with the crowd.

After going through so many changes during my 78 years, It is pretty certain that these last 3+ years of putting up with radical change…

Since the subject of a man or woman's body girth is not usually tossed around in friendly gatherings of friends or colleagues, what kind of reaction could we expect if we try something different ?

It seems that the general consensus in countries around the world that include growing numbers of overweight and obese people, mosl likely with eating disorders was brought out into public awareness via social media.

We’re continually bombarded with ads everywhere we go telling of the awful consequences from Smoking, Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, Gambling and other addicting habit warnings but not…

Not happy with what we’re doing? … Time to change?

There’s no easy answer regarding why it seems so hard for so many people to get to the places their dreams are suppose to be.

If we stopped dreaming about our adventurous journeys and some of those fantasies we may be jealous of because we thought only rich people really get that stuff, the world would be such a dismal boring place.

Now in the so called modern age of TV, Luxury cars, Elegant homes with more bathrooms than anyone really needs and the Internet right at our fingertips, Oh how things have changed .

Present time 2020 and of…

Tom Buchanan

Do you know anybody that wants to lose weight, have more energy, and earn extra income ?

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