Are these screwy times for real ?

Are we really serious about the anger and separation with people we don't even know ?

I find it extremely uncomfortable to see and hear how there is now some kind of We and They mindset among huge numbers of American citizens. If you take a side politically and it’s not what I agree with, I am not going to join the cause of something I disagree with just to go along with the crowd.

After going through so many changes during my 78 years, It is pretty certain that these last 3+ years of putting up with radical change in the examples demonstrated by one person can have on so many people that follow such absolute nonsense, even when the truth is and always will be that our national leadership works for the betterment of the entire united states population without regard to their circumstances.

If the way we’re headed by separating sides that can’t be discussed without becoming upset and actually affecting long established friendships to deteriorate, I’m not in favor of leaving this condition as It is what it is … Oh no, we’ve all come this far with our differences and we can change the mess to get things in order as a whole country, pockets of looney toons.

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